Michał Szewczyk
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Degree Show 2017


First, take a deep breath. Now take another and maybe one more. Without plants, you would never be able to do that. Apart from the fact that you wouldn’t be here in the first place. During the process of photosynthesis, plants created on earth atmosphere that is breathable for us. Second, no matter if you are vegetarian or meat lover, your food supply depends on plants. Every natural food chain starts with them (Dickison et al., 2014). Think for a moment about origins of the ingredients of your favourite meal. Third, plants have a countless number of practical applications. Abies alba Mill. is a source of wood. Primula veris L. is used to produce medicine. Arnica montana L. is used to produce cosmetics. Allium ursinum L. is a healthy alternative to lettuce and it contains vitamin C. Daphne mezereum L. is an ornamental plant that is highly toxic. Many of them have more than one practical application. (Practical plants, 2013) Those few examples and all facts mentioned above does not cover full complexity of the relationship between plants and humans. “Plants don’t just complete our world, they are our world” (Letman, 2012, p. 4). 

It is clear that plants are important and here lays the problem because it seems like modern people lost their ability to make most of them. Through many centuries, we learned so much about plants and their great potential. This knowledge is already out there, it just needs to be rediscovered. The objectives of MFA project are to improve how people are accessing botanical knowledge and to reshape the process of gathering data about plant distribution.

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University: The University of Edinburgh
 School: Edinburgh College of Art
Programme: MFA Graphic Design
Student: Michał Szewczyk

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